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Greenhouse Gas Reduction

A leader in federal greenhouse gas (GHG) management, NREL has conducted GHG inventories, developed reduction goals, and reported emissions since 2000. NREL was the first federal facility to become a partner in the Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Leaders program, and has played a critical support role in the development of federal guidelines for GHG accounting and reporting through DOE's Federal Energy Management Program.

Carbon Neutrality

NREL is committed to reaching carbon neutrality in Scope 2 GHG emissions through the use of onsite renewables and energy efficiency. When it's not possible to reach carbon neutrality through these means, NREL purchases renewable energy credits to offset our remaining Scope 2 GHG emissions.

Federal Leadership

NREL is taking a lead role among federal agencies in reducing GHGs that contribute to climate change. Our goal is to demonstrate leadership in GHG management by maximizing the use of energy efficiency practices and on-site renewable power, and minimizing impacts associated with all aspects of our operations. Reinforced by federal Executive Order 13693, NREL continuously pursues new technologies and strategies to reduce GHG emissions associated with our operations.

NREL is currently working toward two new GHG goals:

  • Reduce emissions from stationary, mobile fugitive, process emissions (Scope 1), and purchased electricity (Scope 2) by 50% by 2025 from a FY 2008 baseline.
  • Reduce transmission and distribution losses, business air and ground travel, contracted wastewater treatment, and contracted waste disposal emissions (Scope 3) by 25% by FY 2025 from a FY 2008 baseline.

For more information on NREL's GHG reduction goals, see NREL's Site Sustainability Plan FY 2016.