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Green Purchasing

Committed to protecting the natural environment, NREL promotes green purchasing—also referred to as sustainable acquisition—by:

  • Implementing new policies, programs, and training that increase staff awareness and accessibility to sustainable products
  • Providing resources to make the job easier for purchasers to find information about green products and services
  • Engaging in contracts with providers of goods and services that are consistent with Executive Order 13693.

NREL's procurement practices must be consistent with all federal green procurement preference programs, including the purchase of environmentally preferable products that are:

  • Manufactured from recovered (recyclable) materials
  • Energy efficient (such as electronics and computing equipment that are EPEAT registered, ENERGY STAR rated, etc.)
  • Water efficient
  • Bio-based
  • Non-ozone depleting
  • Nontoxic.

In 2015, NREL achieved excellence in sustainable acquisitions and green purchasing for the fifth consecutive year, attaining the GreenBuy Leadership Goal for 13 Priority Products in six different categories:

  • Compostable materials from NREL's cafeteria and coffee shops
  • Construction materials
  • Office materials: paper, electronic toner cartridges, etc.
  • Grounds/landscaping: use of native plants requiring less water
  • Operations
  • Product development.

Learn more about eco-friendly, green purchasing practices in NREL's Site Sustainability Plan FY 2016, page 47.