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Working with Us

NREL offers industry, university, and other government agencies opportunities to leverage our research expertise. Working with outside organizations is the key to moving advanced solar technologies into the clean energy market. There are many ways to work with NREL's solar radiation research program.

Developing Technology Partnerships

NREL offers a variety of technology partnership agreements to help you gain access to our research expertise. You can:

  • Work collaboratively with us on a research project through a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA)

  • Pay us to conduct research without your collaboration through strategic partnership projects (SPPs) or sponsored research, such as an analytical services agreement (ASA). These options are effective ways for industry to make good use of NREL's expertise and unique research facilities

  • Submit a proposal in response to any active solicitation for assisting NREL with a solar radiation research R&D activity

  • Work with NREL researchers through mentored research internships for undergraduate and graduate students.

Licensing Our Technology

Your company can license any available patented technology. For more information, see a list of solar technologies available for licensing.

Using Our Facilities

NREL's Solar Radiation Research Laboratory, Metrology Laboratory, and Optical Metrology Laboratory are available to industry, university, and government researchers for collaborative research. We can provide experienced research staff to help conduct testing, or you can perform testing on your own.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you would like to explore collaborative research opportunities.

For questions about the Metrology Laboratory, contact:

For questions about the Optical Metrology Laboratory, contact:

For questions about the Measurement and Instrumentation Data Center (MIDC) and SRRL Baseline Measurement System (BMS), contact:

For questions about the Renewable Resource Data Center (RReDC), contact:

For questions about developing technology partnerships and all other inquiries, contact:

Please note that a collaborative research opportunity does not include postdoctoral researchers, research associates, internships, or other forms of employment. Learn more about NREL's career opportunities for postdoctoral researchers, research associates, and interns.