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Research Staff

NREL's resource assessment and forecasting research staff provides expertise in renewable energy measurement and instrumentation through NREL's Power Systems Engineering Center.

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Linda Crow — Administrative Associate

B.S. Environmental Studies, The Evergreen State College

Linda currently works for the Resource Assessment and Forecasting group as their administrative support. She has worked with scientists at the Office of Science at the Air Force Academy and at the Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at Colorado School of Mines. She has enjoyed working in administrative support since leaving field work as a land manager, ecologist, and wildlife biologist.

Photo of Mike Dooraghi

Mike Dooraghi — Engineer

M.A. Industrial Technology, Appalachian State University
B.A. Mathematics, Computer Science, Appalachian State University

Mike is an engineer who has extensive background with instrumentation for wind and solar resource assessment systems as well as loads and power measurements for wind turbines. He manages the Electronics Laboratory at the Solar Radiation Research Laboratory and provides research support for the Measurement and Instrumentation Team and other NREL staff. He installs rotating shadowband radiometers, pyranometers, and pyrheliometers along with other meteorological sensors, and he configures instrumentation and communications devices for remote deployment of solar monitoring systems for the SOLRMAP program and for PV variability studies.

Photo of Aron Habte

Aron Habte — Scientist

M.S. Water Resource Management, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
B.S. Soil and Water Conservation, University of Asmara

Aron joined NREL in 2010. He currently leads tasks on the update of the National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB), satellite model validation, and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards committee. He is a co-chair for two ASTM International standards subcommittees on radiometry and statistics. Aron analyzes and interprets terrestrial solar radiation and satellite data. He is assisting the NREL Optical Metrology Laboratory in fulfilling the ISO-17025 accreditation process for spectral irradiance measurement. He also contributed to the update of the NSRDB and Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) dataset. Prior to NREL, Aron worked in southern Nevada collecting, processing, and analyzing large volumes of high-resolution meteorological and hydrologic data.

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Mark Kutchenreiter — Senior Research Technician

A.S. Air Pollution Control Engineering Technology, Pennsylvania State University

Mark joined NREL in 2010 and works at the Solar Radiation Research Laboratory (SRRL). Mark is involved in the U.S. Department of Energy's Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program and also supports additional SRRL activities including radiometer calibrations and monitoring network implementation. Prior to working at NREL, Mark worked in environmental consulting and engineering and was involved in numerous projects for private and government-related clients in support of energy development, mineral resource operations, and hazardous waste remediation. He has extensive experience in air quality, air toxics, meteorological, and hydrological monitoring, as well as monitoring method development. His previous experience also includes project management, training, auditing, and quality assurance activities.

Photo of Manajit Sengupta

Dr. Manajit Sengupta — Senior Scientist

Ph.D. Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University
B.S. Physics, University of Calcutta

Manajit joined NREL in 2009 and currently leads the Resource Assessment and Forecasting (RAF) group. The RAF group maintains expertise in solar and atmospheric resource measurement, modeling, and forecasting for renewable energy applications. Manajit is an expert in solar resource modeling, forecasting, and remote sensing. He is internationally recognized in his field with numerous publications on satellite-based resource assessment, PV variability, and measurement uncertainty analysis. Before joining NREL, Manajit worked at Colorado State University and the Pacific National Northwest Laboratory. His research areas have included cloud and solar radiation modeling for future satellites and the impact of clouds on climate change.

Photo of Yu Xie

Dr. Yu Xie — Scientist

Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M University
M.S. Atmospheric Sciences, Texas A&M University
B.S. Physics, Peking University

Dr. Yu Xie specializes in the areas of atmospheric radiation and remote sensing of clouds. His specific topics of research concern: (1) simulation of light scattering by cloud particles; (2) solar and infrared radiative transfer in the Earth’s atmosphere; (3) retrieval of cloud macro- and microphysical properties using ground- (ARM) and satellite-based (MODIS, MISR, CALIOP, and GOES) radiation measurements; (4) parameterization of cloud optical properties for climate studies; and (5) uncertainty of clouds in the understanding of regional and global climate systems. Dr. Xie has more than 10 years of research experience and has authored or coauthored more than 18 peer-reviewed journal publications. He has been serving as an atmospheric scientist at NREL since 2014. Prior to this position, he worked for Texas A&M University and Brookhaven National Laboratory.