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Updated Report Details an Emerging CPV Industry

January 5, 2010

In November, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) updated a report that assesses the status of the rapidly growing concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) industry, with an eye toward identifying key roadblocks to establishing a mature CPV industry.

This revision incorporates feedback from the PV community, describes industry progress in 2009, and expands the discussion of silicon-based CPV. See "Opportunities and Challenges for Development of a Mature Concentrating Photovoltaic Power Industry" (PDF 1.32 MB), written by Dr. Sarah Kurtz, principal scientist at NREL's National Center for Photovoltaics and manager of the Performance and Reliability R&D group.

The original report was published in July 2008 and focused on the value of using multijunction solar cells and high-concentration approaches. A September 2008 revision added low-concentration approaches using silicon or other inexpensive solar cells.