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About RSS

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is an easy way to track NREL news automatically.

How do I use RSS?

First, you need a "news aggregator" also known as a "news reader." This displays RSS feeds from your chosen Web sites on your computer. RSS aggregators automatically check RSS feeds that you've subscribed to for new items. Once found, they present them all together for you in an easy to use format. If the title and description of an item are of interest, you can click on the link for a related page on the site. For a list of free and commercial aggregators, do a Web search on "RSS readers and aggregators."

How do I subscribe to a NREL RSS feed?

Once you have an aggregator, click on the orange RSS button RSS to open up the feed. If your news reader is configured to open feeds automatically, the news should pop up in the reader. If all you see is a bunch of code in your browser, you may need to add the feed manually by copying the URL into the reader's subscription area.