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NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Research and Deployment Disciplines

Participants in NREL programs are able to study a variety of disciplines within the Lab's research centers:

National Bioenergy Center
Biochemical engineering, microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry, and chemical engineering related to biomass and derived products.

Energy Sciences
Bioscience, chemical and materials science, computational science, physics, chemistry, and biological sciences.

Electricity, Resources, and Building Systems Integration
Physics, mechanical engineering (heat transfer emphasis), and architectural engineering.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Research
Hydrogen technologies and analysis.

Materials and Computational Sciences Center
Physics, materials science, chemistry, electrical engineering, and basic and applied research using high-performance computing and applied mathematics.

National Center for Photovoltaic Research
Physics, chemistry, materials science, and electrical and chemical engineering.

National Wind Technology Center
Aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineering, and meteorology.

Strategic Energy Analysis
Energy analysis focused on technology, market, policy, and sustainability.

Technology Deployment
Project development; technical assistance for cities and communities, federal agencies, islands, military installations, states, and tribes; and biopower, buildings, fuels and vehicles, microgrid, solar, and wind technology acceleration.

Vehicles and Fuels Research
Mechanical and chemical engineering.

NREL is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity.