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NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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NREL's Research Support Facility (RSF) on the South Table Mountain permanent site at dusk

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The Research Participant Program (RPP) includes opportunities for Undergraduate and Graduate Internships, and Postdoctoral Researchers.

Since its inception in 1977, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has played an increasing role in the international development of renewable energy—a role we couldn't have fulfilled without the support of visiting researchers. Here at NREL, we are committed to interacting with educational institutions, industry, and other research organizations through our Research Participant Program (RPP).

RPP participants are involved in exciting discoveries that go on here every day across our many disciplines. Qualified university faculty, students, recent Ph.D. graduates and professional scientists and engineers have the opportunity to participate in the laboratory's research and development programs, initiate new areas of research, and establish a base for ongoing collaborations. You also can develop expertise in disciplines related to renewable energy research for application at your home institution, or in your future career pursuits.

Undergraduate & Graduate Internships 

Are you a full-time undergraduate or graduate student interested in advancing your education with NREL? Learn more about RPP positions that meet your needs.

Postdoctoral Researchers 

Are you a Ph.D. graduate out of school less than three years, or a scientist, engineer or other research professional with practical training? Learn more about our Postdoctoral Researcher program in research and development areas related to NREL's mission.

Looking for DOE's premier undergraduate internship program? Visit the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship Program.

NREL is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity.

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