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Laboratories and Facilities by Technology

The following NREL research programs have laboratory, and/or test and user facility capabilities for researching, developing, and testing a variety of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.


Our biomass research laboratory capabilities include user facilities for converting renewable feedstocks into a variety of products such as transportation fuels, high-value chemicals, and electricity. These facilities and labs can be used to test a biomass feedstock, process, or equipment, helping to reduce the time from the lab to the marketplace for novel biomass technologies. Learn more about using our biomass research facilities.


We have the testing facilities and laboratory capabilities for researching a multitude of building technologies, including heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems; desiccant cooling and dehumidification systems; active solar systems; windows; and many more. Learn more about our buildings research facilities.

Concentrating Solar Power

We can research and test a variety of concentrating solar power technologies, such as parabolic troughs, and their system components, which include receivers, collectors, and optical and thermal storage materials. Learn more about our concentrating solar power research laboratory capabilities.

Electric Infrastructure Systems

We have laboratory capabilities for interconnection and systems integration testing to assist industry in the development of distributed power systems. Learn more about our electric infrastructure systems research testing facilities.

High-Performance Computing Capabilities

Our high-performance computing capabilities address scientific and engineering challenges in fields ranging from condensed matter physics to reacting flows. Learn more about our computational science capabilities.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

We have extensive state-of-the-art laboratory test facilities for conducting hydrogen and fuel cells research. Our lab capabilities include testing distributed power systems, and other components and systems for hydrogen production and storage. Learn more about our hydrogen and fuel cells research facilities.


Our photovoltaic (PV) research facilities and labs provide the opportunity to make significant advances in PV technology, and to work on site with peer experts in research, development, and testing. Learn more about our PV research facilities.


Our transportation facilities are available for testing vehicle technologies and fuels. Technologies include energy storage and power electronics for hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, as well as those that reduce ancillary loads in vehicles. We also test fuels for their effect on emissions and engine performance. Learn more about our transportation facilities.


At the National Wind Technology Center, wind turbine developers can work side by side with NREL researchers to create advanced wind systems. Facilities are also available to manufacturers, wind plant operators, and utilities for research and technical support. Learn more about our wind research facilities.