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Photo of Charles Teplin

Charles (C.W.) Teplin

Senior Scientist

Phone number: 303-384-6440
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Primary Research Interests

  • Silicon epitaxy
  • Hot-wire chemical vapor deposition
  • Interface characterization by second-harmonic generation
  • Fabrication of crystallographically oriented thin films

Other Affiliations

  • IEEE
  • American Physical Society (APS)
  • Materials Research Society(MRS)


  • Ph.D. in Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder. Worked with Charles T. Rogers to characterize surface second harmonic light generation from NiFe thin films. (2002)
  • B.A. in Physics from Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA (1996)

Other Interests

  • My beautiful children, Martin and Helyn
  • Enjoying a glass of fine wine with my wife Jennifer
  • Anything that involves the wonderful Colorado outdoors and no internal combustion engines

Selected Publications

C.W. Teplin, M.P. Paranthaman, T.R. Fanning, K. Alberi, L. Heatherly, S.-H. Wee, K. Kim, F.A. List, J. Pineau, J. Bornstein, K. Bowers, D.F. Lee, C. Cantoni, S. Hane, P. Schroeter, D.L. Young, E. Iwaniczko, K.M. Jones, and H.M. Branz, "Heteroepitaxial film crystal silicon on Al2O3: new route to inexpensive crystal silicon photovoltaics," Energy Environ. Sci. (2011).

C.W. Teplin, K. Alberi, M. Shub, C. Beall, I.T. Martin, M.J. Romero, D.L. Young, R.C. Reedy, P. Stradins, and H.M. Branz, "Mechanisms controlling the phase and dislocation density in epitaxial silicon films grown from silane below 800°C," Appl Phys Lett 96, 201901 (2010).

I.T. Martin, C.W. Teplin, P. Stradins, M. Landry, M. Shub, R.C. Reedy, B. To, J.V. Portugal, and J.T. Mariner, "High rate hot-wire chemical vapor deposition of silicon thin films using a stable TaC covered graphite filament," Thin Solid Films 1–4 (2011).

C.W. Teplin, C.S. Jiang, P. Stradins, and H.M. Branz, "Cone kinetics model for two-phase film silicon deposition," Applied Physics Letters 92(9), 093114 (2008).

L. He, C.T. Rogers, M.R. Page, K. Alberi, C. Beall, A. Kanevce, L. Roybal, H.M. Branz, and C.W. Teplin, "Photovoltaic device characterization with optical second harmonic generation," Proceedings of the Photovoltaic Specialist Conference 2010, 2010 pp. 1–4.