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Photo of Lorenzo Roybal

Lorenzo Roybal

Master Research Technician
On staff since: 1982

Phone number: 303-384-6489
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Primary Research Interests

  • Photolithography process and design
  • Solar cell fabrication
  • Solar hybrid system design and application

Other Affiliations

  • NREL International PV
  • NREL/DOE Sponsored SunRayce
  • Colorado Inventors Association

Prior Work Experience

  • US Navy, Radio Communications Team Supervisor, Morocco, Africa (1972-1975)
  • Lead Fabrication Technician PDP-11 Debugging Unit, Los Alamos National Laboratory (1975–1976)
  • Clean Room Supervisor, Integrated Thermionic Circuit Development, Los Alamos National Laboratory (1976–1982)


  • Associate of Applied Science in Solar Technology, Red Rock Community College, Golden, CO (1985)
  • Passive Solar Architectural Design
  • High Vacuum and Thin Film Deposition Technology
  • Hybrid Fuelcell and PV/Wind Systems Development

Hobbies and Other Interests

  • Own and train Peruvian Paso Horses
  • New product development for farm and ranching, including patent for Automatic Animal Feeding System (US Patent No. 5826538 10-27-1998)
  • Acting in community theater
  • Digital video photography
  • Co-owner of Dirt Floor Theater Co. (stage and film acting school)
  • Renewable energy systems demonstrations at local schools

Selected Publications

McCormick, J.B.; Wilde, D.; Depp, S.; Hamilton, D.J.; Kerwin, W.; Derouin, C.; Roybal, L.; Dooley, R., "Development of integrated thermionic circuits for high-temperature applications", p49–53, (Los Alamos Nat. Lab., Los Alamos, NM, USA) Proceedings of the Conference on High Temperature Electronics, 25–27 March 1981, Tucson, AZ, USA;

Ahrenkiel, R.K.; Sheldon, P.; Dunlavy, D.; Roybal, L.; Hayes, R.E., "Surface compensation of p-InP as observed by capacitance dispersion", Applied Physics Letters, vol.43, no.7, 1 Oct. 1983. p675–676

Bhattacharya, R.N.; Noufi, R.; Roybal, L.; Ahrenkiel, R.K., "YBaCuO superconductor thin films via an electrodeposition process" Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol.138, no.6, June 1991, p1643–5

Bhattacharya, R.N.; Parilla, P.A.; Mason, A.; Roybal, L.; Ahrenkiel, R.K.; Noufi, R.; Hellmer, R.P.; Kwak, J.F.; Ginley, D.S., "TlBaCaCuO and YBaCuO superconductor thin films via an electrodeposition process", Journal of Materials Research, vol.6, no.7, July 1991, p1389–92

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