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Seed Fund to Develop Funds-In Activities

Limited funds are available to provide support activities from the National Center for Photovoltaics (NCPV) Measurements and Characterization (M&C) group as proof-of-concept work to seed future funds-in activities. These activities could be either Technology Partnership Agreements (TPA) or joint proposals developed in response to competitive solicitations. These funds allow the NCPV to accommodate small-scale requests for support from U.S. companies or universities that want to gain familiarity with the M&C group's capabilities.

Eligibility Requirements

U.S. companies and universities with small-scale requests that want to gain familiarity with the NCPV's measurements and characterization capabilities.

Application Process

Prepare a 1–2-page proposal that describes the following:

  • The problem that needs to be addressed
  • Unique M&C capabilities and/or expertise necessary to accomplish the requested work
  • An explanation of how and/or why the request could potentially evolve into a larger funds-in TPA or joint proposal in response to a competitive solicitation.

Submit the proposal to the NCPV Business Development Manager.

A decision to approve or deny the requested support will be provided within about two weeks of when the proposal is submitted.


NCPV Business Development Manager