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Materials Applications & Performance Staff

The materials applications & performance staff members at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory work within one of four groups: the High Efficiency Crystalline PV Group, the Electro-Optical Characterization Group, the Cell & Module Characterization Group, and the Reliability & Systems Engineering Group. Access the staff members' background, areas of expertise, and contact information below.

Greg Wilson

High Efficiency Crystalline PV

Dan Friedman
Group Manager

Patricia Kline Administrative Professional

Electro-Optical Characterization

Dean Levi
Group Manager

Shirley Contreras Administrative Professional

  • Prakash Basnyat
  • Pat Dippo
  • Lynn Gedvilas
  • Jerry Tynan

Cell & Module Characterization

Keith Emery
Group Manager

Sandy Padilla Administrative Professional

  • Tom Moriarty
  • Carl Osterwald
  • Larry Ottoson