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Photovoltaic Reliability Publications

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NREL publishes photovoltaic (PV) reliability journal articles, technical reports, conference papers, and outreach documents. Explore a sampling of our most recent or often-cited publications on PV reliability topics.

The following NREL publications can be found on the following topics by clicking on the names of the researchers below.

Accelerated Testing and Failure Analysis

Nick Bosco: Thermal and mechanical fatigue and measurement of adhesion

Peter Hacke: Potential-induced degradation, accelerated lifetime testing and modeling

Mike Kempe: Weathering of polymeric materials

David Miller: Weathering and characterization of PV packaging materials

Ingrid Repins: CIGS reliability

Timothy Silverman: Modeling and testing of the effects of partial shade

John Wohlgemuth: Accelerated testing of PV modules

PV Performance and Outdoor Studies

Michael Deceglie: Thin-film module measurements and outdoor studies

Dirk Jordan: Statistical analysis of PV outdoor performance

Bill Marion: Solar Radiation Resource Information and PV module and system performance modeling

Matt Muller: CPV performance and reliability and soiling

Power Electronics and System Engineering

Chris Deline: Performance impacts of microinverters and DC-DC converters

Sara MacAlpine: PV performance modeling

Standards and Standards Development

Sarah Kurtz: Standards for PV system performance testing

John Wohlgemuth: Standards for accelerated PV module testing