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Field Testing

Photo of an aerial view of the Outdoor Test Facility and array field.

The Outdoor Test Facility forms the backbone of our field-testing capabilities.

Photo of some of the PV modules in the PERT testbed.

NREL's extensive field-testing capabilities allow us to evaluate, analyze, and test PV systems and modules under both normal and accelerated field conditions.

We perform most of our field testing through the Outdoor Test Facility Arrays.

OTF Arrays

The Outdoor Testing Facility (OTF) array field, which is located just to the east of the building, and the array racks on the OTF roof provide areas for testing and evaluating PV arrays and systems.

  • Performance and Energy Ratings Test Bed (PERT)—Tests modules using exposure in the field.

  • PV array testing—Long-term testing of PV arrays to evaluate degradation rates.

  • Real-Time Meteorological and Irradiance Monitoring (RMIS)—Monitoring and recording of temperature, humidity, UV, and other meteorological measurements.