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Working with Us

The Process Development and Integration Laboratory (PDIL), which accommodates the process development and integration approach, facilitates collaborative projects with other scientists from industry and universities. We welcome you to join us in tapping into the wide range of capabilities available for various research areas—from silicon and thin-film technologies, to measurements and characterization, to atmospheric processing.

The PDIL may help you meet business objectives by increasing your understanding of how to increase conversion efficiency, reduce fabrication time, increase development flexibility, reduce processing costs, and accelerate products to market.

But note that the National Center for Photovoltaics (NCPV) contains many other capabilities in addition to the PDIL. And our expertise within the NCPV includes more than 2000 person-years of experience in photovoltaic and semiconductor research.

We follow a three-step process when considering projects within the PDIL:

  • Step 1. You submit your project proposal, which includes a description of project goals, expected outcomes, scope, schedule, and required resources.

  • Step 2. An NCPV panel evaluates your proposal against established criteria to determine if your project is appropriate for the PDIL.

  • Step 3. If your proposal is accepted, then our collaborative work begins. Issues at this point include access to National Renewable Energy Laboratory facilities and how to handle intellectual property.

You can also check other collaboration mechanisms to see which one best matches your needs.

Contact Kaitlyn VanSant for more information about working with us in the Process Development and Integration Laboratory.