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Sample Handling in the Silicon Wafer Replacement Tool

This page provides additional details on sample handling in the Silicon Wafer Replacement (SWR) Tool within the Process Development and Integration Laboratory (PDIL).

Robotic Transfer Chamber

This chamber has eight ports around its perimeter and is maintained at a base pressure of less than 10-8 torr. It houses a Brooks robot capable of "pick-and-place" motion into any of its adjoining chambers. A unique feature of this chamber is the integral sample queuing in an ancillary chamber where up to six samples can be stored in an environment open to the central chamber.

Load Lock or Transfer Pod Interface

The load lock is used to move the PDIL standard 7"x7" platen into the central robotic transfer chamber for subsequent processing and deposition steps. This load lock is easily removable and replaced with a mobile transport pod to provide vacuum access to the entire set of PDIL tools.

Port for Exchanging Samples to an Industrial Collaborator

A port is made available to link the SWR tool to an industrial collaborator's tool doing similar thin-silicon development.

For more information, contact Charles Teplin.