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Processing in the Atmospheric Processing Platform

This page provides details on processing in the Atmospheric Processing platform.

Photo of a window of a glove box, showing four rubber gloves extending outward.

Sample preparation glove box in the Atmospheric Processing platform.

Sample Preparation Box

The sample preparation box allows samples to be loaded into platens and prepared for further processing.

Large-Area Rapid Thermal Processing

This rapid thermal processing (RTP) unit can quickly heat large-area (157-mm x 157-mm) substrates to temperatures up to 1250°C. Samples can be transferred to and from this unit in ambient atmospheres.

In RTP, the temperature of a substrate is increased rapidly and maintained at a target temperature for a short period of time, typically less than 60 s. Heating is accomplished using high-power halogen-quartz lamps. RTP allows high-temperature processing at low thermal budget.


Photo of a blue silicon wafer inside the opening of one side of a rectangular piece of equipment.  The door to this opening sits to the front/right of the thermal processor.

Close-up of the rapid thermal processing unit in one of the interconnected gloveboxes on the Atmospheric Processing platform.

  • Removing organics thermally from deposited films
  • Recrystallizing film material during a post-growth period

Special features:

  • Heats substrates up to 1250°C at a high ramping rate of 150°C/s
  • Access to three process gases (Ar, N2, air), but other gases will be possible
  • Built into a glove box so substrates can be heated and moved without exposure to air

Contact Maikel van Hest for more details on these capabilities.