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NCPV Partnering and Outreach Opportunities for Universities

The National Center for Photovoltaics (NCPV) provides several non-proprietary and proprietary partnering opportunities for university researchers and is also involved in several university outreach activities. We are actively pursuing new partnerships that use our NCPV resources to complement a university's in-house capabilities. We focus on collaborative research with universities that will have a significant impact on making photovoltaics cost-competitive with other forms of energy by 2020.

Follow the links below for more detailed information on each opportunity—including who, how, and when you may apply.

Partnering Opportunity Proprietary
R&D Allowed
Required to Publish Results Source of Funding for NCPV Activities

Hands-On Photovoltaic Experience (HOPE)


Not Applicable


Collaborative Research in Response to Competitive Solicitations



Funding agency

* "In-kind" refers to U.S. Department of Energy support of NCPV Measurements and Characterization personnel to conduct collaborative research with external partners.

** Publication requirements depend on the competitive solicitation.


NCPV Business Development Manager