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NCPV Partnering Opportunities for Industry

The National Center for Photovoltaics (NCPV) provides several non-proprietary and proprietary partnering opportunities for industry researchers. We are actively pursuing new partnerships that use our NCPV resources to complement a company's in-house capabilities. We focus on collaborative research and development with industry that will have a significant impact on making photovoltaics cost-competitive with other forms of energy by 2020.

Follow the links below for more detailed information on each opportunity—including who, how, and when you may apply.

Partnering Opportunity Proprietary
R&D Allowed
Required to Publish Results Source of Funding for NCPV Activities

Technology Partnership Agreement (TPA)



Industry Partner

Collaborative Research in Response to Competitive Solicitations



Funding Agency

NREL Commercialization Assistance Program (NCAP) No No NREL

* Publication requirements depend on the competitive solicitation.


NCPV Business Development Manager