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List of Terms

AESAuger electron spectroscopy
AFMAtomic force microscopy
AMAir mass
ARPESAngle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy
ASTMAmerican Society of Testing and Materials
CCDCharge-coupled device
CIGSCopper indium gallium diselenide
CISCopper indium diselenide
CRTCathode ray tube
DLTSDeep-level transient spectroscopy
DSIMSDynamic secondary-ion mass spectrometry
EBICElectron-beam induced current
EBIVElectron-beam induced voltage
EDBSElectron back-scattered diffraction
EDSEnergy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry
EPMAElectron probe microanalysis
ESFExtrinsic stacking fault
FFFill factor
FSFemtosecond spectroscopy
FTIRFourier transform infrared spectroscopy
FWHMFull width at half maximum
HIPSSHigh-intensity pulsed solar simulator
HRTEMHigh-resolution transmission electron microscopy
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission
ImaxCurrent at maximum power
IscShort-circuit current
ISFIntrinsic stacking fault
ISSIon scattering spectroscopy
JscShort-circuit current density
LACSSLarge-area continuous solar simulator
LAPSSLarge-area pulsed solar simulator
LSLSLarge-scale laser scanner
MCLSMinority-carrier lifetime spectroscopy
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NOBICNear-field optical-beam-induced current
NSOMNear-field scanning optical microscopy
PmaxMaximum power output
QEQuantum efficiency
SAMScanning Auger microscopy
SDMSScanning defect mapping system
SEScanning ellipsometry
SEMScanning electron microscope
SIMSSecondary-ion mass spectrometry
SOMSStandard outdoor measurement system
SRSpectral response
SRCLSpectrally resolved cathodoluminescence
SSIMSStatic secondary-ion mass spectrometry
STEMScanning transmission electron microscopy
STMScanning tunneling microscopy
TEMTransmission electron microscopy
TOFTime of flight
TRPLTime-resolved photoluminescence
UHFPCDUltra-high-frequency photoconductive decay
VmaxVoltage at maximum power
VocOpen-circuit voltage
WDS Wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectrometry
XRDX-ray diffraction
XPSX-ray photoelectron spectroscopy