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Competitive Solicitations

In competitive solicitations, U.S. industry and/or university researchers may work with National Center for Photovoltaic (NCPV) scientists to submit a proposal to a U.S. government agency for funding of collaborative research projects. These solicitations may be tendered through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), the Office of Science, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Defense Advanced Research and Development Agency (DARPA), or other groups. Work is generally competitive research and development (R&D) that is proprietary, either involving intellectual property (IP) or having a high probability of generating IP. Work performed under the solicitation may or may not be available for publication, depending on the terms of the agreement.

The NCPV is actively pursuing collaborative R&D projects with industry and universities that will strengthen the photovoltaic community and align with DOE SunShot Initiative goals. It is, however, critical to ensure that the requested resources can be accommodated and that the proposed funding level is commensurate with the scope of the proposed project. These considerations can best be determined through collaboration with NCPV researchers.

If you are uncertain whom to contact regarding collaborative R&D in response to competitive solicitations, contact the NCPV Business Development Manager.

Eligibility Requirements

U.S.companies and U.S. universities may apply.

Application Process

Two ways that universities and industry can partner with NCPV researchers on proposals in response to competitive solicitations are the following:

  1. An NREL researcher can be designated as a Co-Principal Investigator (PI) on the proposal. In most cases, this involves the industry or university partner working closely with the NREL researcher(s) to develop the content of the proposal.
  2. NREL is designated as a sub-tier recipient of proposal funds. In this case, the company or university may approach NREL in the later stages of proposal development and request participation from specific NREL researchers.

In either case, it is crucial to engage NCPV researchers early in the proposal-writing process to obtain the appropriate documentation to confirm NREL's support of the project prior to proposal submission.


If you have questions regarding collaborations with the NCPV in response to competitive solicitations, contact the NCPV Business Development Manager.