BMS Instrument Pictures

Photos of instrumentation and trackers
at SRRL's Baseline Measurement System

Sci-Tec 1
Sci-Tec Tracker #1: Direct NIP #2, Direct CH1, Direct CUVA2 & CUVB2, Diffuse 8-48, Diffuse PSP, Shaded PIR. The Direct TUVR (not shown) was added on 12/13/2013. A Direct MS-56 (not shown) was added on 1/6/2014.
Sci-Tec 2
Sci-Tec Tracker #2: Direct NIP #1, Direct NIP RG780, Direct LI-201, Photometer TWC, Diffuse CM22, Diffuse CUV4, Shaded CG4. The Direct LI-190 (not shown) was added on 08/27/2012.
Prede Trackers
Prede POM-01 Sun photometer and PGS-100 Spectroradiometer mounted to the south end of instrument deck.
Global Center Table
Global Horizontal Center Table: SP-Lite, CUVA1, CUVB1, MS-210W, LI-200 (primary), PSP, CM6b, 501A, UVB-1, TUVR, PSP RG780 (vent.), PSP (vent.)
Global East Table
Global Horizontal East Table: SPN1, CUV4, CM22, SP-110, UV-S-A-T, and UV-S-B-T.
Global West Table
Global Horizontal West Table: TSP-1, TSP-700, and (3) TSR instruments. Note: All TSR instruments were removed from service on 7/16/2012.
Shadowband PSP
Diffuse and Zebra Shadowband PSP instruments mounted on the north east corner of instrument deck.
Global 40-South LICOR LI-1800 mounted on PV rack to the south of SRRL building. As of 2/15/2012 the LI-1800 was relocated to the south-west corner of the instrument deck and is measuring Global Horizontal.
A CR23X datalogger with AM 16/32 MUX and AM-416 MUX collect data from all instruments on deck and the Upwelling PIR on the radiometer tower. Logger is located inside SRRL data lab. The CR23X was replaced with a CR3000 w/NL120 (not shown) on 11/9/2012. The multiplexers were replaced with (2) AM25T and (1) AM16/32B (not shown) on 2/24/2015.
Radiometer tower (Eastern View)
Radiometer Tower (looking toward the east): Global Normal CM21, Global 40-South PSP, Global 40-South LI-200, Global LI-190, Global LI-210, (4) upwelling instruments, (8) vertical pyranometers, and a CNR1 (which consists of 4 instruments). A wind speed & direction sensor measures surface winds and is used to calculate wind chill factor. The EFM-100 (not shown) was added to the top of the tower (to the north of the CM21) on 9/27/2010.
Radiometer tower (Western View)
Radiometer Tower (looking toward the west): Upwelling PIR, Upwelling PSP, Upwelling LI-200, Upwelling LI-190, and the CNR1. At the Global 90 North, East, South, and West positions are (4) PSP & (4) LI-200 pyranometers. The SRRL's primary temperature and relative humidity probe is located on this tower. A snow depth sensor is mounted on the north end of the tower.
A CR10X datalogger with AM-416 multiplexor collect data from all instruments on radiometer tower (except Upwelling PIR). Also shown is the pressure sensor and NL100 network interface. The CR10X w/NL100 were replaced with a CR3000 w/NL120 on 11/18/2014 (not shown). The multiplexer was replaced with an AM16/32B on 6/29/2015 (not shown).
Yankee Total Sky Imager TSI-880 mounted on the north west end of instrument deck
Yankee RSS-1024 Spectroradiometer mounted to the north end of instrument deck (removed from service on 7/29/2010).
SRRL SkyCam mounted on the south east end of instrument deck
Deck WS/WD
RM Young wind speed and direction sensor is mounted 8 feet away from west side of instrument deck (3 feet from the stair case).
Rain Gauge
Rain gauge located 26 feet to the northwest of radiometer tower. The rain gauge was later relocated directly west of the radiometer tower after the completion of the SRRL Expansion in 2011.
Met Tower
PV/Meteorological Tower: Wind Speed & Direction @ 42 feet and Wind Speed & Direction @ 22 feet. The towers data acquisition system, located in white box, is powered by the small PV panel.
PV/Meteorological Data Acquisition Tower: CR10X datalogger, temperature and relative humidity probe, freewave radio, and communications antenna, which are powered by the PV panel.
SunEdison POA
A Global LI-200 pyranometer measuring the plane of array (POA) irradiance on a Sun Edision PV string. Under the LI-200 (in the small metal enclosure) is an inclinometer to measure the current angle of the Sun Edison 1-Axis tracking system.

Photos of decommissioned or relocated instrumentation and trackers are also available.

Updated December 13, 2013