DQMS Quality Assessment Flags

Test Flags:

0 or 00untested
01passed test
02Passed SERI QC two-component test
03Passed SERI QC three-component test
07below minimum
08above maximum
10-97SERI QC test (increasing severity of failure)
31LongWave Test or UPWelling ShortWave Test (misc. failure code)
47MinMaxStep Test (within MinMax limits but below Step minimum)
48MinMaxStep Test (within MinMax limits but above Step maximum)
74MinMaxStep Test (within Step limits but below MinMax minimum)
77MinMaxStep Test (below MinMax and Step minimums)
78MinMaxStep Test (below MinMax minimum and above Step maximum)
84MinMaxStep Test (within Step limits but above MinMax maximum)
87MinMaxStep Test (below Step minimum and above MinMax maximum)
88MinMaxStep Test above Step and MinMax maximums)
99Missing value