DQMS Quality Assessment Flags

Test Flags:

0 or 00untested
01passed test
02passed SERI QC two-component test or one MIDC QC delta test
03passed SERI QC three-component test or two MIDC QC delta tests
07below minimum
08above maximum
10-97SERI QC test (increasing severity of failure)
21MIDC QC: failed one or more delta tests (data suspect)
31DQMS: LongWave Test or UPWelling ShortWave Test (misc. failure code)
47DQMS: MinMaxStep Test (within MinMax limits but below Step minimum)
48DQMS: MinMaxStep Test (within MinMax limits but above Step maximum)
74DQMS: MinMaxStep Test (within Step limits but below MinMax minimum)
77DQMS: MinMaxStep Test (below MinMax and Step minimums)
78DQMS: MinMaxStep Test (below MinMax minimum and above Step maximum)
84DQMS: MinMaxStep Test (within Step limits but above MinMax maximum)
87DQMS: MinMaxStep Test (below Step minimum and above MinMax maximum)
88DQMS: MinMaxStep Test above Step and MinMax maximums)
99Missing value