August 24, 2001 to Present

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Field #InstrumentUnits
5Wind Speed (80m)m/s
6Wind Direction (80m)deg
7SDev Wind Direction (80m)deg
8Wind Speed (50m)m/s
9Wind Direction (50m)deg
10SDev Wind Direction (50m)deg
11Wind Speed (20m)m/s
12Wind Direction (20m)deg
13SDev Wind Direction (20m)deg
14Wind Speed (10m)m/s
15Wind Direction (10m)deg
16SDev Wind Direction (10m)deg
17Wind Speed (5m)m/s
18Wind Direction (5m)deg
19SDev Wind Direction (5m)deg
20Wind Speed (2m)m/s
21Wind Direction (2m)deg
22SDev Wind Direction (2m)deg
23SDev Wind Speed (80m)m/s
24SDev Wind Speed (50m)m/s
25SDev Wind Speed (20m)m/s
26SDev Wind Speed (10m)m/s
27SDev Wind Speed (5m)m/s
28SDev Wind Speed (2m)m/s
29Pk Wind Speed (80m)m/s
30Wind Dir at Pk WS (80m)deg
31Pk Wind Speed (50m)m/s
32Wind Dir at Pk WS (50m)deg
33Pk Wind Speed (20m)m/s
34Wind Dir at Pk WS (20m)deg
35Pk Wind Speed (10m)m/s
36Wind Dir at Pk WS (10m)deg
37Pk Wind Speed (5m)m/s
38Wind Dir at Pk WS (5m)deg
39Pk Wind Speed (2m)m/s
40Wind Dir at Pk WS (2m)deg
41Avg Wind Shear1/sec
42Wind Chill TempoC
43Temperature (80m)oC
44Temperature (50m)oC
45Temperature (2m)oC
46Dew Point TempoC
47Relative Humidity%
48Specific Humidityg/Kg
49Station PressuremBar
50Est. Sea-Level PressuremBar
51Global PSPW/m2
52Global (Accumulated)kWhr/m2
53Precipitation (Accumulated)mm
54CR23X BatteryVDC
55CR23X TempoC
56Aspirator Fan Speed (80m)RPM
57Aspirator Fan Speed (50m)RPM
58Aspirator Fan Speed (2m)RPM
59Turbulence Intensity (2m) 
60Turbulence Intensity (5m) 
61Turbulence Intensity (10m) 
62Turbulence Intensity (20m) 
63Turbulence Intensity (50m) 
64Turbulence Intensity (80m) 
65Richardson Number (2-50m) 
66Richardson Number (2-80m) 
67Richardson Number (50-80m) 
68Friction Velocity (u*)m/s
69Est. Surface Roughnessm
70u* Quality Control (r2) 
71Power Law Coef. (2-80m) 
72Atmospheric Electric FieldkV/m

These raw data files were downloaded
directly from the datalogger using
Campbell Scientific LoggerNet.

Real-time data collection is quality checked
using min/max and delta comparisons.

Note: Some sites may be merged from several dataloggers
and/or contain post-proccessed fields.