September 1, 2008 to Present

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Field #InstrumentUnits
5Global PSPW/m2
6Global PSP (ventilated)W/m2
7Global LI-200W/m2
8Global CM22 (vent.)W/m2
9Global RG780 PSP (vent.)W/m2
10Global TSP-1W/m2
11Global CM6bW/m2
12Global SP LiteW/m2
13Global SP-110W/m2
14Global TSP-700 (vent.)W/m2
15Research Ch. 1 
16Research Ch. 2 
17Global UV-Total TUVRW/m2
18Global UVB 501AW/m2
19Global UVE 501A (MED)MED/hr
20Global UVB MS210WW/m2
21Global UVA CUVA1W/m2
22Global UVB CUVB1W/m2
23Global UVA UV-S-A-TW/m2
24Global UVB UV-S-B-TW/m2
25Global UVB UVB-1W/m2
26Global UVE 501A (Index)Index
27Direct NIP (unit 1)W/m2
28Direct NIP (unit 2)W/m2
29Direct LI-201W/m2
30Direct RG780 NIPW/m2
31Direct CH1W/m2
32Zebra PSPW/m2
33Direct UVA CUVA2W/m2
34Direct UVB CUVB2W/m2
35Photometer TWC (500nm)V
36Global SPN1W/m2
37Diffuse SPN1W/m2
38Dry Bulb Temp (Data lab)oC
39Relative Humidity (Data lab)%
40Diffuse PSP (sdwband corr.)W/m2
41Diffuse PSP (vent.)W/m2
42Diffuse 8-48 (vent.)W/m2
43Diffuse CM22 (vent.)W/m2
44Research Field 0 
45Research Ch. 3 
46Downwelling IR PIR (vent.)W/m2
47Downwelling IR CG4 (vent.)W/m2
48Upwelling IR PIRW/m2
49Instrument Net DW PIRW/m2
50Instrument Net DW CG4W/m2
51Instrument Net UW PIRW/m2
52Global PSP (thermal-zenith corr.)W/m2
53Global PSP (vent/therm-zen corr.)W/m2
54Diffuse PSP (vent/thermal corr.)W/m2
55Diffuse UV-Total CUV4W/m2
56Global UV-Total CUV4W/m2
57Wind Speed (19')m/s
58Wind Direction (19')o from N
59Pk Wind Speed (19')m/s
60Research Ch. 4 
61Research Ch. 5 
62PIR DW Dome TempoK
63PIR DW Case TempoK
64CG4 DW Case TempoK
65PIR UW Dome TempoK
66PIR UW Case TempoK
67CR23X TempoC
68Dry Bulb Temp (Deck)oC
69Relative Humidity (Deck)%
70501A TempoC
71CUVA1 TempoC
72CUVB1 TempoC
73CUVA2 TempoC
74CUVB2 TempoC
75UV-S-A-T TempoC
76UV-S-B-T TempoC
77UVB-1 TempoC
78Horiz TP Thermal Corr 
79CR23X BatteryVDC
80CR23X Pgm. Time (max)s
81Dry Bulb Temp (SE)oC
82Relative Humidity (SE)%
83Research PVTwr 0 
84Global SE-POA LI-200W/m2
85CR10X Overuns (Met-Twr)counts
86CR10X Temp (Met-Twr)oC
87CR10X Battery (Met-Twr)VDC
88Research PVTwr 1 
89Vertical Wind Shear1/s
90Research PVTwr 2 
91Wind Speed (22')m/s
92Wind Direction (22')o from N
93Wind Speed (42')m/s
94Wind Direction (42')o from N
95SE-POA Angleo
96Pk Wind Speed (22')m/s
97Pk Wind Speed (42')m/s
98Snow Depthcm
100Precipitation (Accumulated)mm
101Station PressuremBar
102Global CM3 (CNR1)W/m2
103Upwelling Shwv CM3 (CNR1)W/m2
104Downwelling IR CG3 (CNR1)W/m2
105Upwelling IR CG3 (CNR1)W/m2
106Instrument Net DW CG3W/m2
107Instrument Net UW CG3W/m2
108Global 40-South PSPW/m2
109Global 40-South LI-200W/m2
110Upwelling Shortwave PSPW/m2
111Upwelling Shortwave LI-200W/m2
112Upwelling Quantum LI-190µmol/s/m2
113Global Normal CM-21W/m2
114Global 90-North PSPW/m2
115Global 90-North LI-200W/m2
116Global 90-East PSPW/m2
117Global 90-East LI-200W/m2
118Global 90-South PSPW/m2
119Global 90-South LI-200W/m2
120Global 90-West PSPW/m2
121Global 90-West LI-200W/m2
122Global Quantum LI-190µmol/s/m2
123Global Photometric LI-210klux
124Research RadTwr 0 
125Research RadTwr 1 
126Research RadTwr 2 
127Atmospheric Electric FieldkV/m
128CNR1 Case TempoK
129CR10X Temp (Rad-Twr)oC
130CR10X Battery (Rad-Twr)VDC
131LI-2020 BatteryVDC
132Dry Bulb Temp (Tower)oC
133Relative Humidity (Tower)%
134Wind Speed (6')m/s
135Wind Direction (6')o from N
136Pk Wind Speed (6')m/s
137CR10X Overuns (Rad-Twr)counts
138Snow Depth Quality 
139Direct UV-Total (calc.)W/m2
140AOD TWC (500nm) 
141Net Radiation (Eppley)W/m2
142Net Radiation (CNR1)W/m2
143Net Infrared PIRs (atmos.)W/m2
144Net Infrared CNR1 (atmos.)W/m2
145Albedo (PSP)(ratio)
146Albedo (CNR1)(ratio)
147Albedo (LI-200)(ratio)
148Albedo Quantum (LI-190)(ratio)
149Broadband Turbidity 
150AOD Estimated (500nm) 
151Est. Sea-Level PressuremBar
152Dew Point Temp (Tower)oC
153Wet Bulb Temp (Tower)oC
154Wind Chill Temp (Tower)oC
155Wind Chill Temp (Deck)oC
156Cloud Cover (Total)%
157Cloud Cover (Opaque)%
158Global Extraterrestrial (calc.)W/m2
159Direct Extraterrestrial (calc.)W/m2
160Zenith Angleo
161Azimuth Angleo
164Photometer POM-01 (315nm)nA
165Photometer POM-01 (400nm)µA
166Photometer POM-01 (500nm)µA
167Photometer POM-01 (675nm)µA
168Photometer POM-01 (870nm)µA
169Photometer POM-01 (940nm)µA
170Photometer POM-01 (1020nm)µA
171AOD POM-01 (315nm) 
172AOD POM-01 (400nm) 
173AOD POM-01 (500nm) 
174AOD POM-01 (675nm) 
175AOD POM-01 (870nm) 
176AOD POM-01 (940nm) 
177AOD POM-01 (1020nm) 
178Precipitable Water Vaporcm

These raw data files were downloaded
directly from the datalogger using
Campbell Scientific LoggerNet.

Real-time data collection is quality checked
using min/max and delta comparisons.

Note: Some sites may be merged from several dataloggers
and/or contain post-proccessed fields.