MIDC/Data Quality Statements
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R#SiteSerial NumberMeasurementStart DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd TimeData Quality Statement
1BMSPRS456Global Horizontal LI-180001/11/200800:00:0001/30/200813:10:00The Global LI-1800 data collection was down due to two broken pins in the RS-232 connector. The two pins were fixed on Jan 30 at 13:12 MST.
2BMSPRS456Global Horizontal LI-180012/15/200700:00:0001/05/200823:59:00The Global LI-1800 has an intermittent problem with the RS-232 communication cable or connector. Data availability during this time frame is sparse on non existent. No repairs have been at the time of this entry.
3BMSPRS456Global 40-South LI-180007/27/200100:00:0010/10/200113:43:00The Global 40-South LI-1800 is not functioning correctly. The spectra have been very strange since July 27. The unit was removed from service Sept 12 @ 7:49 MST. The unit was returned to service on Oct 10. No problem was found. All data during this time is bad and may be removed in the near future.
4BMSPRS456Global 40-South LI-180001/24/200111:02:0001/31/200115:47:00The Global 40-South spectroradiometer is mounted temporary above the cement pad at SRRL (about 5 ft above ground). This temporary mount was put at 50 degrees by mistake. It was moved to it's final location next to the PV panel's (which overlooks more vegetation) on 1/31/2001 at a 40 degree tilt.