MIDC/Data Quality Statements
Total Records: 12, displaying 1-12

R#SiteSerial NumberMeasurementStart DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd TimeData Quality Statement
1BMS140840Global Normal07/04/201600:00:0007/05/201614:00:00The LICOR LI-2020 tracker is not working during this time, data should not be used during this time.
2BMS140840Global Normal01/17/201600:00:0001/18/201615:30:00The LICOR LI-2020 tracker is not working during this time, data should not be used during this time.
3BMS140840Global Normal09/21/201500:00:0009/21/201514:20:00The LICOR LI-2020 tracker is not working during this time, instrument is facing northward/downward.
4BMS140840Global Normal08/12/201512:00:0008/28/201514:00:00The LICOR LI-2020 tracker for the Global Normal CMP11 has failed. Instrument is pointed in a somewhat southeasterly direction. Tracker was replaced on 8/28/2015.
5BMS920056Global Normal09/12/201400:00:0009/15/201409:15:00The CM21 was found on 9/12/2014 with moisture inside the inner and outer dome. Instrument was removed from service on 9/15/2014 at 08:53 MST and replaced with the calibration spare (it was due to be swapped out anyway).
6BMSGlobal Normal05/08/201308:29:0005/09/201312:59:00The global normal signal cable was being replaced during this time. Data is bogus.
7BMSGlobal Normal05/06/201318:30:0005/06/201321:30:00The global normal signal cable is breaking and reporting bogus data during this time.
8BMS910056Global Normal08/16/201100:00:0008/16/201112:10:00Solar tracker was not tracking the sun and was fixed in an easterly direction. Tracker was reset at approx. 12:10 MST.
9BMS910002Global Normal03/06/201110:43:0003/09/201112:11:00Signal is negative or bogus during this time. Bendix connector at instrument was re-seated which seemed to fix the problem.
10BMSGlobal Normal09/05/201000:00:0009/07/201009:11:00The LICOR tracker for the Global Normal CM-21 was not functioning during this time. Data is bad.
11BMSGlobal Normal12/16/200214:43:0012/17/200210:57:00The J-Box on the BMS Radiometer Tower was being replaced, data from this instrument is missing or bogus.
12BMSGlobal Normal11/01/200000:00:0011/07/2000The LI-COR LI-2020 Solar Tracker is powered by a PV panel with backup battery, however the charging cycle does not work correctly. Therefore the battery does not recharge after cloud cover and the tracker stops. The battery has to be (manually) swapped with another charged battery, until the problem is corrected.