MIDC/Data Quality Statements
Total Records: 5, displaying 1-5

R#SiteSerial NumberMeasurementStart DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd TimeData Quality Statement
1BMS31395F3Diffuse Shadowband11/29/201220:00:0012/04/201213:52:00Signal was erratic or missing during this time. Screws inside patch panel were retightened which seemed to fix the problem.
2BMSDiffuse Shadowband03/23/201213:10:0003/30/201211:44:00Signal was erratic/very high or missing during this time. The screws on the patch panel were retightened.
3BMSDiffuse Shadowband03/28/201100:00:0003/28/201114:39:00Signal was low in the morning before 8:30 (may have been snow/frost), however the signal become large and strange after 13:00. Signals were disconnected and troubleshot on the deck and the data logger, no problem was found. Signal was back to normal again at 14:39.
4BMS31399F3Diffuse Shadowband09/28/200906:00:0010/05/200907:53:00Signal was high and noisy during this time. A screw on the patch panel was loose and was tightened.
5BMS31399F3Diffuse Shadowband08/10/200909:29:0008/11/200907:16:00Signal was erratic or missing during this time. Screws on the multiplexer were tightened.