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Student Resources on Passive Solar Heating

Photo of a school library.

Webster City Middle School in Iowa features daylighting, which keeps its annual energy costs down.

The following resources will help you learn more about passive solar heating and daylighting. If you are unfamiliar with these solar technologies, see the introduction to passive solar heating and daylighting.

Grades 7-12

NREL Educational Resources
Educational resources available to students from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

High School and College Level

U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Savers: Passive Solar Home Design
Features comprehensive basic information and resources.

U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon
A competition among college teams to design the most attractive, energy-efficient, and effective solar-powered house.

American Solar Energy Society
Has publications on passive solar design and daylighting, and information on its National Tour of Solar Homes, which is held every October in many communities throughout the United States.

Passive Solar Design Guidelines
From the Sustainable Building Sourcebook.

Evaluation Tools

Solar Radiation Data Manual for Buildings
Provides information on solar radiation and illuminance values for windows in many areas across the United States.