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Student Resources on Concentrating Solar Power

Photo of two students cooking an egg in a skillet being heated by sunlight reflecting off a curved square mirror.

These students use solar thermal energy to cook eggs.

The following resources will help you learn about concentrating solar power. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, see the introduction to concentrating solar power systems.

Grades 7-12

NREL Educational Resources
Educational resources available to students from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Energy Information Administration: Energy Kid's Page
Learn about energy with Energy Ant.

Energy Information Administration: Solar Hot Dog Cooker
Make a hot dog cooker from a box, foil, and poster board.

High School and College Level

NREL Concentrating Solar Power Research
Features information about parabolic troughs, systems-driven modeling and analysis, and other advanced components and technologies.

U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Program
Basic information about the concentrating solar power industry, research and development, and technologies in use.

Contains leaflets, slide shows, and other resources about Concentrating Solar Power.