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NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Wind Energy for Electricity Providers

Photo of wind turbines in a field.

Wind turbines generate electricity in Buffalo Ridge, Minnesota.

The following resources will give you more information on wind energy. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, see the introduction to wind energy.

Research, Development and Deployment

NREL Wind Research
Features information about NREL's latest R&D, including its efforts to work with industry.

NREL Transmission Grid Integration
Features NREL's research in solar and wind energy systems integration.

U.S. Department of Energy Wind Program
Provides information about its wind energy R&D projects.

U.S. Department of Energy Wind Powering America Program
Features information on its initiatives to promote wind power throughout the United States.

U.S. Department of Energy Green Power Network
Provides news on green power markets and utility green pricing programs—both domestic and international.

Utility Wind Interest Group
Provides information for electricity providers who are interested in wind energy.

American Wind Energy Association: Utility-Scale Wind
Features information for energy providers about using wind energy.

National Wind Coordinating Committee
Addresses issues concerning efforts to further develop the commercial market for wind power.

Works to create an understanding of wind energy opportunities for rural economic benefit.

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council's Connecting to the Grid Program
Provides news and resources for utilities developing interconnection rules for renewable energy systems.

Analysis and Planning

NREL Wind Technology Analysis Models and Tools
Provides strategic information to clients focused on facilitating renewable energy technologies in electricity markets.

NREL: Wind Integration Analysis and Methods
Publications discussing NREL's "lessons learned" about integrating wind resources into power and transmission systems.


U.S. Department of Energy Wind Energy Publications and Product Library
Features its publications, as well as those from other wind organizations.

NREL: Wind Systems Integration Publications
Publications from NREL's Systems Integration research.