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NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Working with Us

NREL works in partnership with the Department of Energy and other government agencies, industry, universities, and other national labs. These partnerships are instrumental in advancing the development and use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

There are a variety of ways to get involved with NREL's hydrogen and fuel cell research activities:

  • Work collaboratively with NREL through cooperative research and development agreements. This is the most widely used means of industrial collaboration.
  • Participate in subcontracted hydrogen research. Close to half NREL's budget goes to support DOE-directed research conducted by large and small private companies, universities, research institutes, and consultants.
  • Pay NREL to conduct research without your collaboration through work-for-others agreements or sponsored research. This is an effective way for industry to take advantage of NREL's expertise and unique research facilities.
  • Participate in NREL's research and education partnerships with colleges and universities. NREL and universities engage in joint research projects, subcontracts, task ordering agreements, and master agreements; faculty and post-doctoral fellowships and sabbaticals; adjunct faculty arrangements; scientist-faculty exchanges; and facility access, use, and sharing.
  • Work with NREL hydrogen and fuel cell researchers through mentored research internships for undergraduate and graduate students.

Licensing Our Technology

Over the years, NREL researchers have patented an assortment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies that are available for licensing. Learn about our licensing agreement process and our technologies available for licensing.

Using Our Facilities

NREL's extensive research facilities are available to industrial and university researchers. Hydrogen and fuel cell research is conducted at various research facilities.

Contact Us

Please contact Keith Wipke at 303-275-4451 if you would like to explore collaboration hydrogen and fuel cell research opportunities.

You can also view NREL's employment opportunities to learn about current job openings and benefits.