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Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology Validation


Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Show Continued Improvements in Durability, Fuel Economy, Driving Range

Image of chart that shows a comparison of fuel cell operation hours and durability for four time periods.

The maximum fleet operation time to 10% voltage degradation, 4,130 hours, has increased 129% since 2006–2007. Read more

Fuel Cell Electric Bus Reliability Surpasses 2016 and Ultimate Technical Targets

Image of chart that shows miles between roadcall for fuel cell electric buses from January 2012 to July 2015.

Fuel cell system miles between roadcall (MBRC) has steadily increased over time and surpassed 20,000 MBRC in 2015. Read more

Stationary Fuel Cell Units Achieve 2015 Target for Electrical Efficiency

Image of chart that shows the electrical efficiency of stationary fuel cell units larger than 100 kW at different load fractions.

Units greater than 100 kW have achieved the 2015 DOE electrical efficiency target of 39%. Read more

Technology validation is defined as confirmation that component and system technical targets have been met under realistic operating conditions. The NREL technology validation team works on validating hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles; hydrogen fueling infrastructure; hydrogen system components; and fuel cell use in early market applications such as material handling, backup power, and prime-power applications. The team also analyzes the current status of state-of-the-art laboratory fuel cell technologies, with a focus on performance and durability. This work supports the Department of Energy's hydrogen and fuel cell technology validation activity.

Technology validation projects involve gathering extensive data from the systems and components under real-world conditions, analyzing this detailed data, and then comparing results to technical targets. While the raw data is protected by NREL, analysis results are aggregated into public results called composite data products. These public results show the status and progress of the technology, but don't identify individual companies.

Click on the application type to see project highlights, analysis results, and detailed reports and presentations from the hydrogen and fuel cell technology validation efforts underway at NREL.

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