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Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure Analysis

As the market grows for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, so does the need for a comprehensive hydrogen fueling infrastructure. NREL's technology validation team is analyzing the availability and performance of existing hydrogen fueling stations, benchmarking the current status, and providing feedback related to capacity, utilization, station build time, maintenance, fueling, and geographic coverage.

Photo of an Air Products hydrogen fueling dispenser.

Hydrogen fueling dispenser.

Participating partners from the U.S. hydrogen fueling station industry share raw data with NREL via the National Fuel Cell Technology Evaluation Center. NREL engineers perform uniform analyses on the detailed data and then report on their findings. While the raw data are secured by NREL to protect proprietary information, individualized data analysis results are provided as detailed data products to the partners who supplied the data. The analysis results are also aggregated into publicly available composite data products (CDPs) that show the status and progress of the technology, but don't identify individual companies.

Composite Data Products

View CDPs that focus on hydrogen fueling infrastructure:


The following publications provide more information about NREL's hydrogen fueling infrastructure analysis activities and capabilities.

More Information

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Visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center to find hydrogen fueling station locations in the United States.


If you are interested in working with NREL's National Fuel Cell Technology Evaluation Center, please contact NREL's Technology Validation Team at

For more information about NREL's hydrogen fueling infrastructure analysis, contact Sam Sprik.