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NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Photoelectrochemical Laboratory

Photo of researcher examining a glass-enclosed photoelectrochemical cell producing hydrogen as a beam of light is shined on it.

NREL researcher demonstrating direct production of hydrogen from light energy by a photoelectrochemical cell.
Credit: Warren Gretz.

NREL's Photoelectrochemical Laboratory enables NREL's pioneering work in photoelectrochemical hydrogen production from solar energy. Photoelectrochemical devices combine elements of solar cells and electrolyzers to produce hydrogen directly from sunlight in a single step. Efficient photoelectrochemical hydrogen production is a holy grail of renewable hydrogen production, and NREL researchers are at the forefront of this research effort.

The primary focus is to identify and develop current photovoltaic semiconductors or other materials that generate sufficient voltage to drive the electrolysis process and are stable in aqueous solution. This laboratory contains the chemical and electrical equipment needed to carry out this research.

For more information, refer to the New Horizons for Hydrogen brochure.