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NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Research Staff

Engineers, analysts, researchers, and others who support NREL's geothermal technologies projects come from disciplines and organizations across the laboratory depending on each project's requirements. Here you'll find contact information for NREL's geothermal technologies team.


Tom Williams   
Laboratory Program Manager, Geothermal Technologies

Stacee Foster
Administrative Assistant

Thermal System Design and Optimization

Chuck Kutscher
Principal Engineer/Group Manager, Thermal Systems

Desikan Bharathan
Principal Engineer

Systems Analysis

Chad Augustine
Geothermal Energy Engineer/Analyst
Analysis Team Lead
See Chad's Strategic Energy Analysis Center bio.

Kate Young
Geological and Water Resources Engineer/Analyst
See Kate's Strategic Energy Analysis Center bio.

Kermit Witherbee
Geothermal Energy Geologist
See Kermit's Strategic Energy Analysis Center bio.

Systems Engineering and Program Integration

Charlie Visser
Principal Geologist