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Current State Policies for Geothermal Electricity Generation

This table can help you identify which states have policies in place that apply to geothermal energy. States use a variety of policies that vary widely to support clean energy development. It is important to explore these when developing geothermal electricity generation policy. See current federal policies. Get definitions and examples of these and other policy options.

To learn more about these state geothermal incentives, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) website and search by technology.

State Feed-In Tariff Grant Loan Property Tax Incentive Renewables Portfolio Standard* Sales Tax Incentive Tax Credit
Alaska   Yes          
Arizona       Yes Yes    
California Yes       Yes    
Colorado       Yes Yes Yes  
Connecticut         Yes    
Delaware   Yes     Yes    
District of Columbia         Yes    
Florida   Yes         Yes
Hawaii         Yes    
Idaho       Yes   Yes  
Illinois         Yes    
Indiana       Yes      
Iowa         Yes    
Kansas       Yes Yes    
Maine   Yes     Yes    
Maryland     Yes   Yes   Yes
Massachusetts         Yes    
Michigan     Yes   Yes    
Minnesota         Yes    
Missouri         Yes    
Montana   Yes   Yes Yes   Yes
Nebraska     Yes        
Nevada       Yes Yes Yes  
New Hampshire         Yes    
New Jersey   Yes Yes Yes Yes    
New Mexico         Yes   Yes
New York         Yes    
North Carolina         Yes    
North Dakota       Yes Yes   Yes
Ohio         Yes    
Oklahoma             Yes
Oregon   Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes
Pennsylvania   Yes Yes   Yes    
Rhode Island   Yes Yes   Yes    
South Carolina              
South Dakota       Yes Yes    
Tennessee     Yes        
Texas   Yes     Yes    
Utah         Yes Yes Yes
Vermont   Yes     Yes    
Virginia         Yes    
Washington         Yes Yes  
West Virginia         Yes    
Wisconsin         Yes    
Wyoming           Yes  

* Includes states with Renewables Portfolio goals