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Working with Us

Working with outside organizations is the key to moving clean energy technologies into the market, so NREL offers industry, universities, and government agencies opportunities to leverage its research expertise.

Learn about the ESIF's current partners.

Partner With NREL

Photo of two men working with power equipment in a laboratory.

At the Energy Systems Integration Facility, NREL partners with industry and academia to scale up promising clean energy technologies and test how they interact with one another and the grid at utility scale.
Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL

The Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) is the latest addition to the Energy Department's national network of user facilities, which provides nearly 30,000 scientists and engineers each year with open access to some of the world's best instruments and tools, including x-ray sources, accelerators, and supercomputers. Corporate users pay the full cost of conducting research and retain their intellectual property and data rights, while users who agree to publish their research results are charged a discounted fee. Learn more about the two types of agreements for use of Department of Energy designated user facilities.

Until the user facility model is operational, projects are conducted through Technology Partnership Agreements such as cooperative research and development agreements and work-for-others agreements. For example, you can:

Use Our Facilities

NREL, through the support of the U.S. Department of Energy, has several facilities that support energy systems integration research, development, and testing. To help advance research and strengthen product marketability in buildings research, our facilities are available to industrial, university, and government researchers for collaborative research. We can also provide experienced research staff to help conduct testing, or you can perform testing on your own.

The ESIF includes 15 laboratories with unique capabilities in which organizations can partner with NREL to research and collaborate on energy systems integration projects.

  • If you would like to partner with NREL at the ESIF, complete a detailed summary of your project using the Project Summary Form as a guide. The form covers information about your project:
    • Goals
    • Expected outcomes
    • Scope
    • Schedule
    • Required resources.

When your project summary is complete, email it to Dr. Martha Symko-Davies, NREL's business development manager. NREL will review your project summary for alignment with NREL/ESIF capabilities and project feasibility and then contact you to discuss potential partnership mechanisms.

Contact Us

For more information about how to work with NREL's Energy Systems Integration Facility, please contact Dr. Martha Symko-Davies: (303) 898-4834.