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Economic and Environmental Optimization of Microgrids

In this seminar, Chris Marnay and Michael Stadler describe a systemic approach for optimal building energy service provision using the Distributed Energy Resources Customer Adoption Model (DER-CAM).

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DER-CAM is a mixed integer linear program that minimizes the annual energy costs, carbon emissions, or multiple objectives of providing services to a building-scale microgrid. It has been licensed by several national and international research institutes, and commercialization efforts are ongoing.

Users can access DER-CAM through the Internet to gain broad access to the DER optimization platform. Other versions provide the ability to determine economically- or environmentally-optimal solutions to the challenge of installing and operating microgrid energy equipment (e.g., solar, thermal, fuel cells, and energy storage). The speakers discuss current projects highlighting the program's capabilities, as well as the results of various case studies.

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