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Manufacturing capabilities at NREL support the production of components for fuel cells and electrochemical cells and the development of methods and technologies that will assist manufacturers of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, as well as other renewable energy technologies, to scale up their production to meet national goals. Fuel cells cleanly and efficiently convert hydrogen into electricity through an electrochemical process. Fuel cells offer promise in a wide range of applications, including vehicles and stationary power.

The manufacturing capabilities in the Fuel Cell Fabrication Laboratory at the ESIF allow researchers to develop and validate quality-control techniques to assist manufacturers of low-temperature and high-temperature fuel cells in the transition from low- to high-volume production methods for cells and stacks. Specific capabilities include initial proof-of-concept studies through prototype system development and in-line validation. Existing diagnostic capabilities address a range of materials, including polymer films, carbon and catalyst coatings, carbon fiber papers and wovens, and multilayer assemblies of these materials as well as ceramic-based materials in pre- or post-fired forms.