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Research Highlights

NREL's energy systems integration (ESI) research spans technologies, laboratories, and scales. Learn more about our work through these highlights.

NREL Driving Research on Hydrogen Fuel Cells

NREL hydrogen researchers are working with auto manufacturers, component vendors, and others to take a hard look at both infrastructure and cost challenges. NREL's new Energy Systems Integration Facility includes 7,000 ft2 of lab space built for hydrogen and fuel cell research.

ESIF Named 2014 Lab of the Year

The one-of-a-kind ESIF at NREL was named 2014 Laboratory of the Year by R&D Magazine.

NREL ESI Director Explains ESI in POWER Magazine

Bryan Hannegan has authored a new article describing how ESI will change the way we generate, deliver, and use energy—and the lab's leading role in this global effort.

ESIF Fueling Robot Automates Hydrogen Hose Reliability Testing

An automated robot in the ESIF mimics fueling action to test hydrogen hoses for durability in real-world conditions.

NREL Report Redefines Wind as a Grid Stabilizer, Not a Liability

NREL transmission researchers have explored how wind power can support power system reliability—and do so economically.