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Read up on NREL’s energy systems integration (ESI) work.

Energy Systems Integration News

A monthly recap of the latest ESI developments at the lab and around the world.

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Recent Journal Articles

An Analytical Time-Domain Expression for the Net Ripple Produced by Parallel Interleaved Converters, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems 11: Express Briefs
Ground Fault Overvoltage with Inverter-Interfaced Distributed Energy Resources, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
Photovoltaic Inverter Controllers Seeking AC Optimal Power Flow Solutions, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
Slow Dynamics Model of Compressed Air Energy Storage and Battery Storage Technologies for Automatic Generation Control, Energy Systems
Co-Optimization of Electricity Transmission and Generation Resources for Planning and Policy Analysis: Review of Concepts and Modeling Approaches, Energy Systems

Recent Technical Reports

Experimental Evaluation of PV Inverter Anti-Islanding with Grid Support Functions in Multi-Inverter Island Scenarios
Impact of Market Behavior, Fleet Composition, and Ancillary Services on Revenue Sufficiency
Mexico's Regulatory Engagement in Bulk Electric Power System Planning: An Overview of U.S. Practices and Tools
Power Generation for River and Tidal Generators
U.S. SOCOM Grand Challenge #3: NREL Technical Roadmap for a Man-Portable Power Supply System for TALOS

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