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Read up on NREL’s energy systems integration (ESI) work.

Energy Systems Integration News

A monthly recap of the latest ESI developments at the lab and around the world.

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Recent Journal Articles

Impact of Wind Power on Electricity Prices, Renewable Energy
Optimal Power Flow Pursuit, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
Stable Short-Term Frequency Support Using Adaptive Gains for a DFIG-Based Wind Power Plant, IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
Synthesizing Virtual Oscillators to Control Islanded Inverters, IEEE Transactions of Power Electronics
Variability in Large-Scale Wind Power Generation, Wind Energy

Recent Technical Reports

Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study
Experimental Evaluation of PV Inverter Anti-Islanding with Grid Support Functions in Multi-Inverter Island Scenarios
Impact of Market Behavior, Fleet Composition, and Ancillary Services on Revenue Sufficiency
Mexico's Regulatory Engagement in Bulk Electric Power System Planning: An Overview of U.S. Practices and Tools

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