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Photo of the Energy Systems Integration facility.NREL

Download the Energy Systems Integration Facility 2015 Mid-Year Report to learn about the facility's latest highlights.

 Power Systems Engineering Department researchers interpret quasi-static simulation results of power system quantities.

Check out this month's issue of Energy Systems Integration News to learn what's happening in ESI at NREL and beyond.

Photo of a woman in a laboratory looking at a panel of light bulbs.

See how researchers collaborate in the ESIF Smart Power Lab on energy-saving technologies for the smart homes of the future.

Photo of three men in a laboratory.

Learn about five new partnerships that will help the grid accommodate more renewables through the INTEGRATE project at the ESIF.

Photo of photovoltaic panels installed on a rooftop in Hawaii.

Watch how NREL is working with SolarCity and Hawaiian Electric to study how to better integrate rooftop solar onto the grid.

Photo of solar panels with the words 'Redefining What's Possible for Renewable Energy: Grid Integration.'

Watch to learn how NREL research and analysis are redefining what's possible for renewable energy on the grid.

In partnership with utilities and industry, NREL is spearheading innovations that optimize our entire energy system. Learn how NREL's energy systems integration activities are working to effectively, reliably, and economically integrate more renewable energy into the grid.

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Featured Partnerships

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  • Photo of a home with rooftop solar and the words SolarCity/HECO.
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