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Obadiah Reid

Postdoctoral Researcher

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At NREL Since: 

Obadiah Reid earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Washington in 2010. While at UW, he worked under the guidance of Prof. David Ginger studying the optoelectronic properties of nanostructured organic photovoltaic composites. He contributed to the development and application of photoconductive atomic force microscopy (pcAFM), a unique tool for mapping local photocurrent collection in solar cells with nanoscale resolution. He also developed numerical models to describe conductive and photoconductive AFM experiments, resulting in quantitative local measurements of charge carrier mobility made using conductive AFM, and a method for measuring the local vertical composition in organic photovoltaic composites using pcAFM. His research interests include charge generation, transport, and recombination processes in organic semiconductors; development of new analytical tools and methods; and the convergent application of experimental and theoretical approaches.

Research Interests 

  • Application of time-resolved microwave conductivity (TRMC) measurements to study charge generation and recombination in organic photovoltaic composites
  • Improvement and construction of a new TRMC instrumentation
  • Development of radiolysis excitation methods for TRMC measurements.


  • 2010, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  • 2005–2010, University of Washington (Prof. David Ginger). PhD dissertation title: "Scanning Probe Microscopy of Organic Solar Cells"

  • 2005, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Engineering acoustically actuated chemical sensors through self-assembly of carbon nanotubes.

Selected Publications 

  1. Reid, O.G.; Rayermann, G.; et al. (2010). "Imaging Local Trap Formation in Conjugated Polymer Solar Cells: A Comparison of Time-Resolved Electrostatic Force Microscopy and Scanning Kelvin Probe Imaging." Journal of Physical Chemistry: C (14:48); pp. 20672-20677.
  2. Reid, O.; Xin, H.; et al. (2010). "Nanostructure Determines the Intensity-Dependance of Open-Circuit Voltage in Organic Solar Cells." Journal of Applied Physics (In Press);
  3. Reid, O.G.; Munechika, K.; et al. (2008). "Space charge limited current measurements on conjugated polymer films using conductive atomic force microscopy." Nano Letters (8:6); pp. 1602-1609.