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Left: A photo of a  group of people with white turbines in the background. Middle: A photo of a  hydrogen fueling station with a group of people in the background. Right: A photo of a group of people around a large set of roof-mounted PV arrays.

NREL's Executive Energy Leadership Academy, called Energy Execs, provides an opportunity for non-technical decision-makers throughout the country to learn about renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, analytical tools, and financing. The two Energy Execs learning opportunities are the Leadership Program and the Leadership Institute. Both courses are designed to provide business, governmental, and community leaders with information and tools to guide their organizations and communities in energy-related decisions and planning. Applications are being accepted now through January 30 for the 2015 programs; apply today.

Leadership Program

The Leadership Program is a traditional, comprehensive program designed for executives with an interest in an in-depth exploration of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, applications, and issues. This full program requires travel to Golden, Colorado, and attendance once a month for five months. Program specifics include:

  • Five, multi-day sessions
  • Completed over five months, May through September
  • In-depth training program
  • Briefings by technology experts
  • Tours of research laboratories
  • Visits to renewable energy installations
  • Class project.

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is a shorter, condensed workshop-style program designed for executives interested in a primer on renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Program specifics include:

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