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Wind Integration Datasets

The Wind Integration Datasets provide energy professionals with a consistent set of wind profiles for the eastern United States and the western United States. Both datasets provide ten minute time-series wind data for 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Eastern Wind Dataset

For the Eastern dataset, more than 1,326 simulated wind farms data points are available across the eastern United States.

Western Wind Dataset

For the Western dataset, more than 30,000 data points are available across the western United States.

These Wind Integration Datasets were designed to help energy professionals perform wind integration studies and estimate power production from hypothetical wind plants.

On this site, users can learn more about the datasets, access the Eastern and Western datasets, and obtain help.

Important Notes

  • Alert! An important note to the users of the Western Wind Dataset.

  • These data are modeled data and not actual measured data. Learn more about the datasets including the similarities and differences between the Eastern and Western datasets and the differences from the NREL state wind maps.