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Obtaining the Western Wind Dataset

To obtain data in the Western Wind Resources Dataset, you must first read and accept the data use disclaimer agreement. Once you accept the agreement, you will be able to access the data on a spreadsheet that has all the sites and their site ID numbers. You can also access the data by an interactive map that lets you zoom in and select a turbine. Or, you can find a site id in the spreadsheet and use the search function in the dataset tool to access the site data.

The wind plant power output dataset is several hundred gigabytes. In addition to this dataset, 3TIER produced the gridded raw wind speed dataset, which is tens of terabytes. This raw wind speed output dataset has not been smoothed, nor Model Output Statistics corrected. Read about the details of dataset processing in this conference paper. Making this raw wind speed dataset public would be an enormous undertaking and is beyond the scope of this project.