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NREL periodically offers webinars on transmission grid integration topics to provide insight into its research. Explore the resources below to learn more.

Upcoming Webinars

Active Power Control of Wind Turbines Can Improve Power Reliability

Join us for a Webinar on April 24

Join the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and industry partners from General Electric and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas to discuss how wind power plants can support grid reliability by providing various forms of active power control.

NREL, along with partners from Electric Power Research Institute and University of Colorado completed a comprehensive study, "Active Power Control from Wind Power: Bridging the Gaps," which focused on system reliability, economics, control design, and machine loading impacts of various forms of active power control from wind power plants. In this webinar, we will discuss the results of this study with a focus on how wind power technology can assist the power grid by controlling the active power output being placed onto the system. Our two speakers from industry will discuss how active power control is being used on Texas' power system, and how manufacturers can enable these controls in support of grid reliability.

Erik Ela, NREL
Sandip R Sharma, ERCOT
Nicholas Miller, GE Energy Management

Title: Active Power Control of Wind Turbines Can Improve Power Grid Reliability
Date: Thursday, April 24, 2014
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM MDT

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Past Webinars

Results from The Western Wind and Solar Integration Study Phase 2: An examination of how wind and solar power affect operations, costs, and emissions from fossil-fueled generators

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 12:00 EDT (10:00 MDT)

The Western Wind and Solar Integration Study Phase 2 (WWSIS-2), launched in 2011, examines the potential impacts of up to 33% wind and solar energy penetration on the fossil-fueled fleet. This study builds on the Phase 1 effort which examined high wind and solar penetrations in the Western Interconnection and identified operational changes and mitigation options that could aide in the integration of those resources. The Phase 2 effort examines the detailed effects of cycling fossil-fueled generators to determine the magnitude of wear-and-tear costs and emissions impacts. It also examines differences across high wind and high solar penetration scenarios, including impacts on ramping of fossil plants, the need for reserves, and curtailment.

Speakers include: Debra Lew and Gregory Brinkman, Senior Engineers, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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Grid Integration of Wind Energy

June 19, 2013

The WPA team hosts live webinars on a variety of themes on the third Wednesday of every month. The topic for June, 2013 was wind energy and grid integration. Michael Milligan of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory discussed grid cost-causation and integration costs. Steve Clemmer of the Union of Concerned Scientists presented highlights from the recently published Ramping Up Renewables: Energy You Can Count On report.

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Renewable Energy Integration Challenges: How States Are Managing the Rapid Growth of Renewable Energy

April 25, 2013

As states reach higher levels of renewable energy, challenges can arise because of larger amounts of wind and solar energy on the electric grid. Although power systems have been designed to incorporate the variable and uncertain nature of energy demand, renewable energy can add to this variability.

This webinar explored the variety of solutions that are available to reduce these impacts and how states can cost-effectively integrate renewables into the power system. Lori Bird of NREL discussed what states can do to address renewable energy challenges.

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Costs of Integrating Renewable Energy into the Electric Grid

Feb. 20, 2013

This webinar examines the practices and issues associated with assessing the costs of integrating renewable energy into the electric grid. The panelists explore the challenges of calculating integration costs and explain how other types of generators also impose costs to the system. They examine the relative magnitude of costs assessed by utilities and grid operators based on a survey of Western utilities and address the implications of the recent FERC ruling on variable generation.

Speakers include: Kevin Porter, Exeter Associates; Aaron Bloom, NREL; and Michael Milligan, NREL.

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