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Generator Modeling

NREL works with the solar and wind industries to provide utilities and grid operators with generator models to help them analyze the impact of variable generation on power system performance and reliability. As the amount of variable generation increases, the need for such models increases. Ensuring the models are as generic as possible allows for ease of use, model validation, data exchange, and analysis. To address this need, NREL researchers are developing generic dynamic models of wind and solar power plants.

NREL's dynamic modeling efforts include:

  • Collecting wind plant output data with corresponding wind resource data (speed, direction, and air density) from meteorological towers and performing multivariate analysis of the data to develop an equivalent wind plant power curve

  • Analyzing extreme wind ramping events to identify rare events that can significantly impact system operations

  • Developing photovoltaic (PV) plant models that consist of PV array, inverter, protection, and control system component models

  • Developing PV plant models in three-phase, cycle-by-cycle electromagnetic transient program

  • Validating PV inverter model performance with laboratory and field test results

  • Examining the short-circuit behavior of wind and solar power plants.

These efforts contribute to a better understanding of how solar and wind power plants can impact grid stability and reliability.

For More Information

For more information about wind generator modeling, see the following resources. Additional publications can be found in the NREL Publications Database.


Eduard Muljadi